Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Why gardening is so frustrating.

Yesterday I thought it would rain so I didn't go down to the allotment.Today the weather was similiar so I did and guess what it pissed down.
I had the time to cut down my chocolate spot infected Aquadulce dulce broan beans that had dropped their leaves.
 I also managed to harvest some of my Albigensian Wight softneck rust riddled garlic.I got some decent cloves out of them.
 On a happier note my Headstart sweetcorn and Black Beauty courgettes are coming along.
The tomato patch is progressing and as yet isn't blight riddled.
A pic of my bee magnet Borage,good for compost tea and the bees love it.
I also harvested some more Pentland Javelins and French Breakfast radishes.
At home I have started pots of Sweet Genovese and Purple basil.
In the garden I have finally planted out Beijing Yellow,Alpatieva 905 and Early Tanana tomatoes.
Into a container I have potted up Beijing Yellow tomatoes and a Picolino cucumber.
I am also hardening off Dwarf Mr Snow and Tasmanian Chocolate dwarf tomatoes.

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