Monday, 23 July 2012

Olympic torch

 As it was only a 200 yard stroll I went to see the olympic torch,well that is 5 seconds of fun.
On the allotment front we have come down with the dreaded blight,Thus I have cut the halms off of my Pentland Javelins and harvested a whole row.This area has now been dug over and fertilised for the next crop.This obviously doesn't bode well for the tomatoes down there so I am going to be growing a lot more in pots in the garden.From the allotment I have harvested my first batch of Charlotte potatoes,Golden Gourmet shallots,Senshyu yellow onions,Early Onward peas and some Albignesian Garlic.
I planted some Mrs Connell black runner beans from the seed circle.
It seems that my neighbours at Plot72B have given up,they didn't even last a season,at least Plot 72  are there are still there.
At home I have potted up Koralik,Sungold,Mortgage Lifter,Dwarf Mr Snow and Tasmanian Chocolate tomatoes and some Partner F1 gherkins.

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