Thursday, 2 August 2012

Start of another month.

I managed to get a bit of weeding and harvesting done today before the rains arrived
 My first attempt at growing swwetcorn,this is Headstart F1 and there are some cobs showing.
 In between my sweetcorn I have planted some Black Beauty courgettes which are flowering but as yet no fruits,
 The runner beans are climbing and are in flower but as yet no beans
Due to the blight on the plot I have cut down the haulms and this is today's harvest of Pentland Javelins,I also harvested some Charlottes,the last of the Albignesian Wight garlic and an Early Nantes carrot.
The Early Onward peas have finished so are now in the compost bin.
I don't hold out much hope for the allotment tomatoes and seem to spent ages snapping off discoloured leaves,at least there are a few green tomatoes which have had a borage mulch to see if it gives any protection.
I have planted rows of Autumn King and Flyaway carrots,Ishikara spring onions,Axima and Blue De Solaise leeks.
I have finally had some Latah,Early Tanana and Koralik tomatoes from the garden,some Chioggia beetroot and some Piccolino cucumbers.
I have potted up Sungella,Principe Borghese and Sweet Million tomatoes as well as a batch of Sweet Genovese and Purple Basil.

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