Thursday, 23 August 2012

Weeding.Planting and Harvesting.

A sad morning spent cutting off the haulms of my blighted Pink Fur Apple and Picasso maincrop potatoes.I have now got 5 rows of maincrops left in the soil.i just hope that I have some to store overwinter.
Harvested some more Losetto,Autumn Bliss raspberries,Annabel dwarf french beans,Pink Fur Apple potatoes,my first Gem Squash,Red Sun and Senshyu onions and a Black Beauty courgette.
I also made a new batch of Borage tea which I use as a fertiliser.
I planted up lots of lettuce Verde A Fogglia,Pink lettuce,Brune d'Hiver,Austrian Greenleaf and Rocket to fill up a bit of space.
In the tomato house is a lone Monkey's Ass tomato.I will probably use it to save some seed for next year.

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