Friday, 10 August 2012

This week at the allotment

A decent week's weather.Much weeding has been done.
White Lady runner beans,ready to be harvested in a day or two.

 The Headstart sweetcorn is fattening up.
 I gave my neighbour some of my Hungarian Zucchini and they have had a decent sized one,mine are still a way off having been planted later.Here is my first Black Beauty courgette about 4 inches long,hopefully the first of many.
Today's harvest of Pentland Javelin,still more to come.I also harvested my first Primo cabbage and some Charlotte potatoes.
In the garden I have potted up some Koralik,Sungold,Dwarf Mr Snow and Tasmanian Chocolate into large buckets.
I have managed to eat some Early Tanana which were a bit on the bland side and Latah which after a bit of sunshine had a decent taste.I also have had a few Piccolino cucumbers from the Conservatory.

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