Thursday, 16 August 2012

Allotment and Garden update.

Harvesting continues.
Over the last couple of days I have had Pentland Javelin and Charlotte potatoes,French Breakfast radishes,Boltardy and Chioggia beetroots and White Lady runner beans.
I have planted Sparkler and French Breakfast radishes,Samish F1 spinach and little Purple Sprouting broccoli plants that i started earlier in the year.
I have weeded my Onion bed and harvested some Golden Gourmet shallots and Red Baron onions.
I have also made a cane cage for my Autumn Bliss raspberries.
In the conservatory i have made winter plantings of Romanesco cauliflower,Black Tuscany kale,Italian Flat leave parsley,Blue De Solaise leeks,Siberian kale,Durham Early cabbages and Black kale.
I have potted on some Sweet Genovese and Purple basil and some Catmint for the cat.
I have had a reorganisation of the greenhouses and out go Early Tanana to be replaced by Sungella,Monkey's Ass and Losetto tomatoes

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