Sunday, 19 August 2012

2nd Anniversary

2nd anniversary time.In August 2010 I took on this .

 Now I have finally weeded and dug over all of it.I have a plastic path to seperate the 2 halves.On this side I currently have sweetcorn,tomatoes,lettuce,beetroot,radishes,potatoes,raspberries.little gem squash and my brassica cage.
 On the other side looking a little barren now are onions,carrots,shallots,parsnips,maincrop potatoes,runner beans and french beans.
 My first harvest from one plant of Pink Fir Apple,a bit early but blight dictates.
My first Autumn Bliss raspberries,very tasty they are too.
The weather has been blissful,possibly too hot to dig and hoe but needs must.I have planted out some Ishikura spring onions,Flyaway carrots,Chioggia beetroot and Red Salad Bowl lettuce.
I have harvested White and Painted Lady runner beans,Early Nantes carrots,Black Beauty courgettes,Golden Gourmet shallots and Red Sun onions.

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