Sunday, 12 August 2012

Saturday at the allotment.

I spent a nice saturday morning watering and weeding
My first White lady runner beans,Charlotte potatoes and a couple of Flyaway carrots.I also dug up a couple of Early Nantes from a failed sowing earlier in the year.
 I weeded my Gem Squash area and have a tiny Gem squash,just hoping for some nice weather to encourage them.
 I weeded my Brassica cage which contains Falstaff brussel sprouts,Primo cabbage,Green and Purple kohlrabi.I also weeded the Helenor swedes and Snowball turnips nearby.It's amazing how quickly the weeds grow.
The tomatoes are still hanging on,leaves are being regularly stripped and there are a number of Shirley,Harbinger,Losetto and Maskotka green tomatoes.
The afternoon was spent in the garden emptying one section of my compost system and filling/mixing another section.I will use it to fill up flower troughs and plant some lettuce in them.
I have started saving Latah and Early Tanana tomato seeds for my Seed Circles and have a batch of the former drying off in the Utility room

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