Friday, 6 July 2012


With the weather being adequate I havve been able to harvest some Pentland Javelin first earlies,Senshyu Yellow and Electric Red onions,French breakfast radishes and chocolate spotted Aquadulce Broad beans and a rusty garlic or two.
I have moved my brassica cage and have planted up some Falstaff brussel sprouts and Primo cabbage.I have had a good weed around the Sweetcorn bed which appears to be bulking up and tried to weed my carrots when I could find them.Tomatoes have been sideshooted and composted.
Time has been spent potting on Dwarf Mr Snow,Tasmanian Chocolate,Alpatieva 905 and Monkey's Ass tomatoes.
I have started a tray of Borlotto bush beans and Mrs Connell runner beans.
Hopefully the weather will be pleasant this weekend so I can get some serious allotment time in.

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