Thursday, 15 March 2012

Weekly update

 My allotment neighbour kindly took an axe to my tree stump.I just have to dig around it now to trace where the roots are and get them out.
I have finally planted something on the plot this year,6 Aquadulce broad beans  together with 10 Pentland Javelin early potatoes.The rest of my time has been spent digging and weeding the plot.
The garden vegetable plot has been dug over ready for some peas and beans to be put in.
I have planted some more seeds Nasturtium Trailing Single,Nasturtium Dwarf Compact,Lavatera Silver Cup,Zinnia Elegans Queen Red Lime and a Piccolino cucumber.needless to say the windowsills are full up.
I have potted on my Black Hungarian Peppers,Cheyenne F1 Chilli and French Marigold Orange Winner

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