Thursday, 22 March 2012

Weekly update

Another picture of dirt but this contains my newly planted Red Baron and Rumba onion sets as well as my overwintering Shallots and Onions.
I have also planted another 2 rows of Pentland Javelin.Only Charlotte and Pink Fir Apple to go.This week this weather has been glorious so a couple of hours pottering about weeding and digging has been the order of the day.
On the seed front I have planted another batch of Early Onward Peas,Losetto Tomatoes,Garlic Chives,Sungold,Primo Cabbage,Harbinger,San Marzano,Falstaff Brussel Sprouts and Koralik Tomatoes.
I have potted on Early Tanana Tomatoes,Marigold Galore,Napia Early Pointy Red Peppers and Zinnia Queen Red Lime.

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