Sunday, 15 April 2012

Weekly update

Down at the allotment I have earthed up 3 rows of Pentland Javelin(4 more rows to go) and planted another row of Early Nantes carrots and some Poached Egg plant to attract some bees.I have also showered my onions with some woodash and fed my garlic with some chicken manure pellets.The rest of the time has been spent digging over blocks of soil and weeding since the rain has encouraged the weeds.
In the garden I have planted a row of Sparkler and French Breakfast radishes.The Swallow peas are up and the Violetta broad beans are thriving.
I have potted on a second batch of Beefsteak tomatoes and planted a pot of Sweet Million tomatoes and Nasturtium Black Velvet.As soon as anything germinates in the heated propagator it is replaced by something else.
It's still too cold to leave anything outside so the Conservatory and Windowsills are still full to the brim.

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  1. I need to go and earth up my earlies as they are growing rather fast now. Looks like you've been busy PC