Friday, 20 April 2012

What a palaver

Since the hosepipe ban has been in force the weather has been awful so trips to the allotment are few and far between.I dread to think what the weeds will be like.The overnight temperatures mean little can be hardened off at the moment so the Conservatory resembles a jungle.
I have spent the afternoon watering all of my stuff in the conservatory and windowsill moving bits and pieces about to gain any spare inch of space.I have not even started on my April sowings.
In the garden I have planted a row each of Boltardy and Choiggia beetroot.
I have planted up another flower through with Green Leaf Salad and Gourmet Salad mix following an article in this month's Gardener's World magazine.
I have potted on some more Zinnia Elegans Queen Red Lime and Aster Duchess mixed.
I have started Beijing Yellow,First in Field and Losetto tomatoes,Salmon Flowered and Sutton's Purple Podded peas in toilet rolls and a pot of Sweet Genovese basil.

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