Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good Friday

As the best of the Easter weather was due today I spent 6 hours down at the allotment.Initially I planted 3 rows of Pink Fur Apple and then spent about 3 hours trudging 34 paces to the pipe with a 2 litre watering can and 2 2 litre pop bottles.This was to water the Potatoes,Raspberries,Strawberries,Broad beans,Peas,Garlic and the onion/shallot beds.I then hoed the onion bed and dug over a small piece of soil on the other side.I also planted a row of Early Nantes carrots.
A newly hoed onion bed,any gaps are going to be filled with carrots sown at regular intervals.
At home I have potted up Alberto's Locoto peppers,Koralik,Reisentraube.Alpatieva.Monkey's Ass and Latah tomatoes,Amaranthus Autumn Palette,Aster Duchess mixed and Aster Chinensis 'Pink Tower'.
i have also started pots of Shirley,Maskotka and a Picolino cucumber.

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