Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekly Update

The last of my tulips,a rather nice variety called Pacific Pearl,this week I have been deadheading my Daffodils and as the council have resumed green waste collection I can do lots of weeding and pruning.
I have started Paton's Twins Giant Pumpkin,Blue Solaise Leek,Purple Sprouting Broccoli,Primo Compact Cabbage,Romanesco Cauliflower,Koralik tomatoes and some French Winner Marigolds.
I have potted on Principe Borghese,Shirley F1,Anaheim Chilli and Black Velvet Nasturtiums.
I have also repotted my Rogue seed Beefsteak and Early Tanana into larger pots in readiness for going outside.
Down the allotment in between showers I have finally planted a batch of Babbington Leeks which I received in a seed swap.
I have got fed up of the lack of space in the conservatory so I have reorganised the blowaway and put in a couple of Reisentraube,Latah,Slovenian Black and Early Tanana tomatoes together with the obligatory tray of Marigolds.

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