Thursday, 6 September 2012

This week at the allotment.

The weather this week has been glorious so much time has been spent at the allotment.A lot has also been spent in the garden sorting out various tomatoes.Plantings include Grandpa Admires,Brune d'hiver and Austrian Greenleaf lettuce,Corn salad  and Oriental mixed green salad leaves.
Harvesting has included Gem Squash,Annabel french beans,White Lady and Painted Lady runner beans,Charlotte and Pink Fur Apple potatoes,Flyaway and Early Nantes carrots,Red and White onions,Chioggia beetroot and Autumn Bliss raspberries.
The tomatoes are reddening up nicely.I have now had Shirley,Harbinger,Losetto and Maskotka.

Today I harvested my first Hungarian Zucchini's that I received from the A4A seed circle.

My entry for the three carrots,all fused together.After the poor start to the carrot growing season I am happy   with anything that I can get.

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