Monday, 10 September 2012

Today at the allotment

Went down to the allotment before the weather turns and harvested yet more French and Runner beans.I picked Headstart sweetcorn and a Little Gem squash together with Autumn Bliss raspberries for lunch and my first Snowball turnip and Blauer hilds radish.
A bit of time was spent snapping off blighted tomato leaves.
I also got a Comfrey plant and some Strawberry plants from my kind allotment neighbours.
I also got my Thompson @Morgan order Ferline tomatoes,Aubergines,Salad leaves,Calendula and Cornflowers all for £2.10.
In the garden I have had my first Mortgage Lifter tomato,it was a good size and had a nice meaty flavour.I will be growing these again next year.

The garden tomatoes have appreciated the recent hot spell and are developing nicely.I am finally getting some decent Sungolds.I have harvested some Partner F1 gherkins.
I have started saving seeds from Reisentraube for the Allotments 4 All seed circle,Mortgage Lifter and Harbinger.
I have finally got a red Alberto's Locoto pepper to go with my ripening Napia Early Pointy peppers.

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